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    The company adheres to the traditional Chinese mosquito repellent concept, and its product uses the characteristics of human skin. The company improves the selection of materials, design and printing experience of mosquito repellent stickers together for many years. The company combines the complete set of production technology with the different requirements of special materials (non-woven fabric, flannel, and microfiber leather), and it is also able to combine special printing inks with characteristic glue to effectively improve the phenomenon of printing discoloration, glue delamination and glue residue. The company effectively increases the amount of essential oils by 30-200 mg according to different materials, and improves product quality to achieve more effective mosquito repellent effect and use experience. This solves the worries from mosquito repellent manufacturers and distributors. Welcome to visit the company, our friends from all walks of life! Thanks for your guide and business! Your comments and suggestions are our guide and direction for progress!

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